Fufu Bare: A traditional dish from Fulla (Fullani) tribe from Guinea Conakry.

This recipe is from our mother Saouratou Camara. Every woman in Guinea adds her own “secret” spices to the family’s food.


2 large onions

2 red peppers

2-3 cloves of garlic

tomato paste

red beans / black eyes (Boil them beforehand or use canned)

salt, pepper

2-3 small maggi cubes

hot bell pepper

For Fufu:

Choose the fufu you like (cocoyam, plantain, manioc).

It is very easy to prepare. Heat water in a saucepan and slowly add the fufu, stirring constantly with a wooden spoon, until it becomes a fairly tight mass. Choose the meat / chicken / fish (usually dried) and boil it to soften it and cut it into small pieces.

If it is a dried fish, just soak it in water for a while until it softens. Fry the onions, garlic, peppers. Add the pulp and after two minutes add the meat / chicken. Add the beans of your choice and then a little water and boil for a while longer. When our sauce is ready, put the fufu in the middle of the plate and around the sauce.

In Africa it is customary to eat Fufu with the three fingers of the right hand.

We give you the simplest and most delicious recipe, but you can also add the spices that suit your tastes!

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